Beautiful 4-legged spirits living the dog's life in Boston's South End

November 25, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I'm excited to be partnering with a successful dog-walker in the South End to help make the holiday gift-giving more special this year. How fun to hang out with these and many other dogs last week. The dogwalkers at the park are a cool bunch, too, of course. Animal photography is not for the easily-embarrassed. Squeaky toys, dog slobber, camera kisses, it's all part of a day's work.

jeffjeff SebastianSebastian WallyWally TeddyTeddy PiperPiper SadieSadie Coppa1Coppa1 CoppaCoppa GabrielandEverettGabrielandEverett TitanTitan JacksonJackson keegan1keegan1 KeeganKeegan



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