MirandaLoudPhotography | About
The arts have always been my passion. I started this business because I saw a need for more multi-media connected with photography as a way for people to have a deeper way of holding on to experiences and relationships. I often make short videos as well as coffee table books and audio stories to give depth to the images I create for clients. This has been what I have been doing for the non-profit I founded in 2005 about animals and I realized that it might be something that others would like to have done for them.

The five different professional labs I work with do a phenomenal job of printing, framing and printing cards, books, albums and the every-popular silk booklets.

I have expertise in retouching and compositing, using Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom and Nik Software, as well as in video and audio editing using Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and Hindenburg Journalist Pro. I use the Canon 5D Mark iii for most of my work, with both natural light and studio strobes and flashes.

If you are interested in the work I do as a speaker on building empathy for other species and using art to impact social change, you can find out more here. We often host events in the studio, whether workshops, music events or film screenings. To be on our list for events, send us an email and we will add you!